Principal's Message

Dear BTS Community
As a lifelong learner and a proud principal. I am thrilled to join the BTS. I have always seen each student as an individual throughout my career as a leader and educator. Each deserves a supportive learning environment, a comprehensive toolkit, and a solid support network that works together to ensure each student's success. My goal is to provide students with a path that will prepare them to become independent citizens who will make valuable contributions to both local and global societies and possess exemplary values. Education is a partnership between dedicated teachers, students, and parents that creates a future generation with high morals and independence. In addition to providing a high- quality education, the school is responsible for developing responsible individuals, productive citizens, and future parents. Students' learning conductors and facilitators are their teachers. They are the light that illuminates students to improve their intellect. They develop strategies to meet their needs and build on their strengths by recognizing their accomplishments. A child's primary and most significant educators are their parents. We are able to help their child leam and reach their full potential because of their enthusiasm, support, and cooperation. In order to provide a healthy educational environment in which our students can excel and succeed, our school strives to embrace the efforts of all stakeholders, including teachers, students, and parents. I am looking forward to collaborating closely with each of you to accomplish what the school's mission and vision statement has outlined for us. Warm Regards,

Dr. Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan

Principal & Project Manager