Vision & Mission
BTS is a co-educational school, offering a choice between Three Schools. Bright Future International Academy, Shanti Niketen School & Shree Guru Tagore School Established to make children well- rounded and self-dependent individuals. the school has been constructed on a sprawling campus with splendid Infrastructural facilities in a tranquil and pollution-free environment. The entire BTS activities in reflects its objective of nurturing young children and making them responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world. A comprehensive academic and co- curricular programme, experienced faculty members, personal attention & care, and state-of-the-art infrastructure collectively ensure that the education a child receives at BTS Nayala is holistic and truly Educational.

Our Vision
To make our students well-rounded and self-dependent Individuals, by Inculcating in them a passion for life-long leaming, compassion and respect for others and a set of requisite skills and qualities so that they can make a positive contribution to society.

Mission Statement
BTS will provide its students with a holistic education. Imparted by coring and dedicated faculty members in a contemporary leaming environment, by focusing on developing the cognitive, emotional, social, physical. creative and spiritual potential of every child

The School Motto
The School's motto. Ingenia et Labore is a Latin phrase that means by natural ability and hard work Students at BTS will learn to recognize and respect their natural abilities, and will nurture them to reach their maximum potential Through hard work and determination.

The School Emblem
The School's Emblem exemplifies the School's vision. mission and motto. The design is inspired by that of a prism a transparent optical element used to split light into Its constituent colours. On the surface, every child entering the School might appear similar, but our focus is on identifying and nurturing the uniqueness of every individual, on socking out thoir constituent colours. Students are encouraged to discover their strengths, talents, Interests and passion all the elements that come together to dene their individuality Every child will leave BTS having explored the various facets of his/her inner potential to the fullest.

About the Founders
The School is the flagship project of BTS Group of Education a not-for-profit organization set up in 2023 with the goal of providing quality education